I am glad to launch the web portal for the scheme IMPRESS (Impactful Policy Research in Social Sciences) on October 25, 2018. The main objective of IMPRESS is to encourage policy relevant research in social science in India.contributing thereby to the process of nation-building and advancement of our society.

The ICSSR,being social science organisation in the country,has always been in the forefront for promoting research on very important areas in the field of social science,since its inception in 1969,it has encouraged and funded numerous discipline specific ,interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary researches in universities, research institute, colleges and professional associations.It has also funded collaborative researches at international level.

Given its long history,rich experience,wide network and strong commitement to the cause of social science research, the task of implementation of IMPRESS has been entrusted to the ICSSR. I am sure that the ICSSR,through the IMPRESS, will take social science research to new heights and set new benchmark for conducting impactful research.

Launching of the scheme IMPRESS (Impactful Policy Research in Social Sciences) on October 25, 2018, an initiative of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, the task of implementation of which has been entrusted to Indian Council of Social Science Research during its Golden Jubilee Year (2018-19), is a happy occasion for all of us. It will open up and widen new avenues of Research in various fields of social sciences, and encourages policy research aiming at visible impact on polity, economy, society, culture, media, governance, health environment, technology, law etc. Needless to say that the researches in policy relevant areas under the scheme shall provide vital inputs in policy formulation benefitting the society and the nation.

The domains to be covered under IMPRESS is vast. Implementation of the new schemes, which is in addition to our on-going research, documentation and other activities, is a huge, challenging and arduous task, and ICSSR is conscious of the same. We are, however, taking the challenges seriously and hoping to succeed in the new endeavor bringing positive and fruitful results.

On this occasion of inauguration of the novel scheme, IMPRESS, I thank Hon’ble Minister, Human Resource Development, Shri Prakash Javadekar and the Department of Higher Education, especially its Secretary Shri R. Subrahmanyam, in putting trust in and instructing ICSSR to implement the scheme.